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What We Do

Paperwork and reports can be problems for some business owners. We are the professionals who can help in this essential area of your business

Consultancy & Training

Untrained staff can cause many problems and create extra costs for your business. We provide one-on-one training in MYOB or Xero for new and current staff members

Our consultancy services also include:

  • New financial system setup or customisation
  • Rescuing your financial data
  • Updating financial software or
  • Implementing new financial system processes and procedures.

Bills (Accounts Payable)

Do you know what your accounts payable liability is? Do you always struggle with cashflow due to unexpected bills arriving?

We can help! Get better cashflow by knowing what bills you owe and planning your bills payments.


Is payroll a stressful time for you? Do you struggle to keep up with the timesheets and leave forms from staff?

We can do your payroll and ensure staff get paid on time.

Monthly Reports

Do you know your business financial position? Do you know your profit margins? Do you have a budget?

We love producing monthly reports for business owners. Know your numbers!

Bank Reconciliations

Who loves data entry and filing of your weekly or monthly financial paperwork. Or is it something you leave until midnight on the night it needs completing?

Regular filing and reconciliation of your financial transactions mean no more midnight paperwork stress. We can do this for you, we do love it!

End of Year Data Collation

Do you send your accountant a shoebox or folder full of information to be data entered? Do you get a huge bill due to the messy nature of information you send them?

We can organise your data into usable formats for the accountant.


Are there clients you have done work for and never got around to invoicing? Is there money owed to you which has never been dealt with?

We can look after your invoicing processes for you. Prompt invoicing means clients are more likely to pay sooner and less likely to dispute your invoice.

GST Returns

Need help filing your returns to Inland Revenue? Do the GST filing periods creep up on you and you forget them?

We can file your returns to ensure you don’t get late filing fees.

We can provide support in all areas of bookkeeping so you can focus on your business

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