About us

Balance Up is a family friendly business. Like many of you, we are a small business with a young family so we understand the struggles that small business owners face.

Jo McLeay

I live in Lower Hutt with my husband and son. I am a certified bookkeeper with the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers, have a Diploma in Business, am a MYOB Certified Consultant and Silver Partner and Xero Certified Silver Partner.

My passion is to see business grow in New Zealand. I know that to succeed there needs to be appropriate systems and processes in place.

“Helping business owners make sense of the chaos in their financial software and being able to see their business as it really is… that is why I love my work”

Ruth McWilliams

Bookkeeping is a role I thrive in. Here at Balance Up I am dedicated to assisting clients with their accounts, ensuring all care, discretion and accuracy. You will find me in my ‘most happy place’ working methodically and systematically, taking care to ensure my work is accurate and accounts reconcile. I love that sense of achievement when I look back at my work and tell myself ‘well done’!

I am Xero certified and have an extensive administration and accounts experience.


At Balance Up we love to see our clients’ businesses grow and prosper

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